Who We Are

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Unsettled Collective was formed by Uncharted International, a global missions organization with the vision to help people do brave things to advance God’s Kingdom all over the world. Uncharted’s passion is two-fold: to bring Gospel access to the billions living without, and to move people beyond their status-quo into living a brave faith.

Unsettled Collective was created to be that second heartbeat, to be a resource of discipleship content to push, disrupt, and shake people out of complacency. Our goal is to create bold, and at times subversive, discipleship content that will encourage people in their faith while also provoking them into action. To do this, we are writing devotionals for individuals, groups, and teams that spark discussion and challenge our perception of what Christianity means, what a church should look like, and who should be welcome at the table.

We have big plans for Unsettled Collective, and a vision for a bold, creative, and challenging brand that is fully aligned with the mission of Uncharted.