When we experience awe, beauty, and love, there is some visceral (and almost reflexive) need to respond— a gut-reaction of gratitude or wonder that calls for celebration. A mountain top view or a sunrise over the ocean creates an almost involuntary reaction of praise. Love from a friend or work from a skilled craftsman often compels us to express our admiration. Something inside us is called towards praise.

There is a lot of joy found in observation, in taking things in. It’s why people don’t usually turn around on the trail before they’ve reached the viewpoint. But to move from observation to praise, there has to be another step: taking those raw, reactionary feelings and giving them direction. 

Sample Devotionals

  1. When in your life have you experienced something so beautiful that you couldn't keep it to yourself?

  2. Where do words fall short in trying to describe the majesty of the Lord?

  3. Does occasionally 'going through the motions' help you recenter yourself?