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400 years pass between the Old and New Testament. 400 years of war, of being conquered and revolting. 400 years of silence from the prophets, of waiting for God to send this Messiah expected to deliver Israel. All of our focus tends to be on Christ’s birth. But to jump immediately from prophecy-made to prophecy-fulfilled glosses over the long, dark wait for a savior. This is a time for questions. How long, O Lord? Where are you? When will you come?

This devotional series is based around the advent season and anticipation for a Savior, but isn’t exclusive to the Christmas season. Our whole lives are an advent, living with the longing of redemption and restoration.

SAMPLe Devotionals

  1. What questions are you waiting to be answered?

  2. When do you shine Christ’s light, and when do you receive it?

  3. Have you had an experience you would describe as an ‘incarnation?’