True Friendship

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Friendship is beautiful because it can almost be completely selfless. It stirs in us the desire to do work on someone else’s behalf, to take a weight upon ourselves purely because it will remove it from another. ⠀

When a friend is hurting, and everything in you wants to relieve some part of their burden, it isn’t because you feel obligated to do so. It’s not because you owe it to them or because they’ll be indebted to you. You won’t gain anything. It is wholly because of love.

But it lives in a broken world and involves imperfect people. Small resentments can worm their way in, taking up space where affection should be. We begin keeping track of what we feel like is owed.

But the love we have for our friends is the same love that Corinthians says “keeps no record of wrong.” It’s the same love modeled for us by Christ, who gave grace after grace.⠀

Friendship, and any relationship, means being willing to love in excess, without expectation of reciprocation.

Emily Luttrull