Empowering Christians to not settle for the status quo. 



Devotional Series

The discipleship material shared on our website and social media is now available for download. Each download includes devotionals, Scripture and challenges centered around an idea or theme.

Work through the material in a group or team, or individually at your own pace.



See the films.

Creative and artistic expression is one of the most intimate and beautiful ways we connect to the Creator. We’re passionate about using all art forms to encourage, push, and unsettled people from their daily lives.

Through film, we attempt to express the inexpressible, we tell stories of those living a brave faith, and shine a light on uncomfortable issues we shouldn’t be afraid of addressing.

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Unsettled Lives

Every day, in big ways and small, people are living a brave faith. We tell the stories of those who take each day with boldness and courage.

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